Guilherme Raduenz


Whoof is a simple software project of an application to control pet vaccination, created with the main purpose of learning how REST APIs can be implemented in different programming languages and frameworks to enrich my technical repertoire, but also:


πŸ”₯ The ASP.NET Core version is the one that is publicly available, and it’s likely to be the most complete one, being used as the source application to practice with some tools like Auth0, GitHub Actions, Grafana, and more; please take a look at the repo docs.


Backend versions that are part of this lab, including the tech being used and the repository link on GitHub.

πŸ”₯ ASP.NET Core + EF CoreC#GitHubDone βœ…
NestJS + PrismaTypeScriptGitHubDone βœ…
GinGoNot started
FastAPIPythonNot started
Spring + HibernateJavaNot started
Laravel + EloquentPHPNot started

Other ideas that may or may not be implemented: AdonisJS, Chi, Flask.


React + Refine on VercelGitHubDone βœ…
β€Ήfuture mobile appβ€ΊNot started